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When it comes to a fast-paced movement in the trends in technology and optimum utilization of the same to reflect in a company’s growth chart, one of the latest ways for improved and advanced performance in all areas of a business is the introduction of Cloud ERP Solutions. SIBS Cloud ERP Solutions provides the perfect IT infrastructure for you which ensures that your system is always running safely, that your data is secure and thus allows your IT resources to focus on innovating and helping grow the business more effectively, rather than spending more time on maintaining and managing your On-premise systems.

SIBS Standard Cloud ERP is a product with the following core modules integrated for managing the operations of a business. We provide customization of the software for clients by adding specific modules and by making modifications to the existing core modules by inclusion or exclusion of features as required for and in sync with their business operations

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1.Financial Management

The Financial Management system on Cloud integrates the On-premise system with the updates on the Cloud database that can be retrieved and worked upon with utmost efficiency and control.

3.Sales and Marketing Management

The Sales and Marketing Management module assimilates all information relating to the sales plan, marketing strategies planned and adopted, the results of the same to calculate deviation and draw alternate strategies, all at the ease of on-line integration. This can be highly effective for companies with a wide network of branches and distributed sales and marketing operations which have to be regularly synced and co-ordinated effectively for better results.

5.Customer Service Management

The Customer Service Management module is highly effective for management of customer interaction from various locations and integrating relevant data at every stage of the customer orientation process. Since ‘customer is the king’ is the general rule of the market and all other business processes are directly or indirectly involved in enhancing this attribute of a business, the importance that should be attached to the process of customer service is very well inculcated in the automation and service assistance provided by our SIBS Cloud customer service software.

2.HR Management

This module includes all activities related to Payroll management and Employee Information System. The entire HR process is made easier through on-line accessibility and availability of reports to be viewed by other departments to work in co-ordination with the HR team and for easier decision making process.


The manufacturing module is specialised for industries in the manufacturing sector - both process and discrete. The features of the software can be co-ordinated for higher efficiency with other modules through inclusion as per client request, the ones relevant to the operations of the business like materials management, procurement and production planning, distribution management, Quality control, Fixed assets management, warehouse handling etc.

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