Track the entire lifecycle of an asset/capital equipment from procurement to disposal with SIBS Fixed Assets Management Solution. Our easy to use application allows you to manage asset history, warranties and depreciation schedules in a single location. You can now track an asset's purchasing and depreciation history, access related documents, view journal postings, tax information, maintenance records and much more for the most accurate and compliable results. You can also integrate it with all other functional modules for superior management and with hardware accessories like bar code accessories, PDA’s, PDT’s etc. for ease-of-use experience.

Our software will be of prodigious assistance to companies in asset intensive industries with the motive of increasing their return on investments while decreasing costs of operation. It helps to maximize the resources, reduce downtime and increase efficiency with easy-to-use system that helps identify potential breakdowns and prevent equipment failure which might otherwise negatively impact production and profits. It automatically creates work orders when preventive maintenance is due and it documents your activities making it easier to analyse trends and spot recurrent problems. The software monitors everything that needs routine maintenance (e.g. heavy equipment, trucks, manufacturing systems, parks and zoos, city streets, buildings, vehicles, airport ground equipment, golf courses, etc.). It creates work orders for routine maintenance, eliminating any manual input and keeps repair history, Classifies work orders by the type of work performed and once completed, the inventory, history, and budget files are updated automatically.