SIBS Hotel Management (HMS) Suite is an effective, efficient, user friendly and cost effective tool for management to those involved in business in the Hotel industry.Backed by various modules, our Software is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties like hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, restaurant, bars etc. SIBS HMS consists of Core Modules withan option of including additional modules, and links to front-office guest service systems via numerous interfaces resulting in superior data integrity, security, and speed. We ensure latest technologies to support scalability and easy customization in all modules with a system that supports multi-user and multi-tasking environment.

Key Features:

1. Front-Office Module

The front-office module can be called a guest-service module due to the exact requisite that it suffices. This module takes care of guest reservations during face-to-face or online client interactions, keeping guest data and reconciles on real-time basis with other modules like House-keeping, Financial accounting and Back-office to confirm on reservations and ensure availability of services to the guests.

2. Back Office module

The back-office module integrates the various support functions provided to the front-office as well as other functional departments in the hotel. It includes Manpower co-ordination and workforce management, carrying out employee welfare activities, inter-relationship between various branches of the same chain of hotels, operations, inventory management and supply chain tracking, record keeping and ensuring support so that other front-end activities function smoothly and efficiently. Our back-office module tracks and updates support activities and facilitates maintenance and management of the same.

3. Financial Accounting

The Financial accounting module helps to record and manage the cash flows in the single entity or group of hotels. This module is integrated with the front-desk and other modules for real-time processing and customer service. It involves accounting keeping including Debtors/Creditors management, payment processing details, tax calculations, inclusion of bills against amenities per room/ per guest/per chain of hotel, report generation, bill summaries and more for day-to-day hotel operations. Beyond this, the module allows interactive end of month/ quarterly or yearly sales report generation, profit and loss statements and balance sheet, Tax and audit reports etc.

4. Restaurant Management

5. Order-taking

Order taking has become one of the most important aspects of customer service in the area of service management in hotel industry. Time taken to attend to a customer and time taken to deliver the same to the customer needs to be kept at the minimum. Higher the importance given to quality of customer service, higher is the planning on each extra second taken to attend to a customer. This is where the Order-taking system gains relevance. Our software helps in integration of order placed with the kitchen management tool so as to ensure almost nil wastage of time between both. Order-taking software can be implemented on any hand-held or terminal device like Touch screen tablets, Menu order devices and other POS instruments.

6. Minibar management

Minibar Management System is designed for hotel and resort operations and uses industry standard palm-top computer technology to control minibar inventory, post guest sales tracking and monitoring employee productivity. This consists of many handheld palm units and a centralized back-office computer. Information is managed using the back-office system, and selected information is downloaded to the handheld units. The system keeps track of inventory levels and variances on stocking carts, as well as inventory placed in the minibars. Integration with multiple palmtop hardware choices are available, with some units offering built in barcode scanners and wireless network interfaces.

7. House Keeping management

8. Banquet Management

Our Banquet Management System is designed to automatically book events, establish the menu (whether buffet, family style or pre-ordered meals), calculate all pricing including taxes and suggested gratuities and present a worksheet for staff requirements. Starting from checking for hall / Venue availability and tracking enquiries and provisional booking to Confirmed bookings, generation of Function Prospectus, collection of advance, to final billing and settlement can be managed with ease.

This module in the HMS Suite can be configured for single banquet hall hosting occasional event or multiple halls hosting events across one or more days, Schedule early morning or late night events, offer special packages and services and even publish events to your Facebook account. Ourspecial features include customer and contact management, contract and event management, services and rental equipment management, invoice and contract generation, daily and monthly banquet hall calendar views and much more.

9. Maintenance Management

The Maintenance Management module provides facility to manage the maintenance departments in terms of stock control as well as various maintenance issues and its log. This system automates the communicating, scheduling, tracking and reporting of safety requirements, preventive maintenance, guest requests, equipment management, capital expenditure and property improvement.

Hotels and Resorts can set up maintenance procedures and preventive maintenance schedules for facilities and equipment such as the following:

  1. Hotel Rooms & Restrooms
  2. Elevators & Kitchen/Dining Facility
  3. Golf Course & Restaurant
  4. Hallways & HVAC Units
  5. Swimming Pool & Landscape Maintenance
  6. Data/Telecom Equipment & Windows and Glass
  7. Stock Rooms & Conference Rooms
  8. Fitness Room/Equipment