SIBS RTMS – Retail Terminal Management System

SIBS ERP - Retail Terminal Management System is a Software tool that simplifies the management of a Retail business and facilitates leverage over various processes that have direct and indirect influence over the operational efficiency, customer service levels, Time management and all minor and major profit-loss centres. With our RTMS Tool which has In-built intelligence, flexibility and an easy-to-use interface, the biggest problem faced by an organisation in the retail sector today, ie the ability to run a business with optimal return on investment both for the company and the customer, is efficiently handled with minimal or almost nil manual intervention.

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1.Terminal Management

Terminal Management module of the SIBS RTMS ERP Software is a completely integrated On-Premise system that immaculately transcends prospective errors or issues relating to customer handling at the level of direct customer contact. This is done through highly efficient database interaction, bar-code integration with a user-friendly interface and ease to use and retrieve data for timely service delivery.

3.Procurement Management

The Procurement Management module exclusively takes care of activities related to procurement of materials, supply-chain management, vendor management, tracking packaging and transportation, tracking payment and ensuring deadlines, stock replenishment, generating reports for marketing and integrating with the Terminal Management and other modules to ensure Stock, Time and Customer Management.

5.Payroll & HR Management

Our Payroll and HR management module automates HR processes, enabling the client to track, manage, and analyse all employee data from application to retirement. Powerful Performance Management, Payroll processing, Reporting and Analytics functionality that we enable in this module helps the employer align corporate goals with employee performance, and empowers you with flexible tools to analyse applicant and employee data for better workforce management.

7.Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our CRM module provides a 360-degree view of the entire customer, supplier and partner relationship to each other and reports with regards to interactions internally and externally, regardless of the position in the customer lifecycle. Our Customer Relationship Management Software helps the organisation reach new customers while retaining existing customers, improve responsiveness, supporting the customer-facing team on customer interaction by automated messages and cross-functional collaboration to increase customer service levels.

2.Inventory Management

The inventory management system required in a retail business, be it wholesale or retail, is very different compared to the requirement of firms in other areas of business because a retail organisation will have multiple stock and variation of the same in a single category or product along with numerous product categories. This makes manual intervention very challenging. Our Inventory Management module takes care of the supply chain management, bin management, Bar-code management, automated inventory tracking, re-filling and support and Extensive Real Time reporting.

4.Finance Management

The Finance Management module in RTMS is designed to provide all-round support with accounts and financial management. This will record expenditure, income, profits and losses department-wise, product-wise, category-wise, vertical-wise and any other cost-centre based as the business requires. Such a detailed classification and recording will help in managing financial risks and ensure compliance with audit and internal financial plans. The supporting reports generated will make it possible for the business to regulate cash flows.

6.Fixed Assets Management

The Fixed Assets management module on On-premise system helps in end-to-end lifecycle management for plant, property and equipment. Following are the basic features of this module: Flexible Depreciation Management, Integrated workflow to support the asset lifecycle from asset purchase to superannuation, asset summary reporting and Integrated Financial Reporting related to fixed asset transactions.

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