Nawara’s Point-Of-Sale software is an On-premise software that helps manage the business activities of a client who wants high-end automated processes at minimal investment. The POS Software operates on the database that is implemented at site thereby enabling easy access with the option to work both online and offline. The POS Software is recommended to small and medium business enterprises whose need for instant connectivity and retrieval of information between branches/units located geographically apart is limited.

Point-of-Sale Software Solution Suite

POS Software Solution Suite is simple, secure & completely user friendly to manage either single or large number of SKUs with ease, by integrating with hardware accessories like weighing scale, barcode printer & scanner, pole display and cash draw box. Following are the POS modules that we provide:

POS Sales Management

Sales is the backbone of any business and we handle sales management with utmost versatilityand prominence so that the efforts are well-regulated.

POS Back Office Inventory Management

A Software that provides intelligent solutions to streamline inventory and stock so that you can enjoy the smoothness in the sync of processes.

POS Financial Accounting

Nawara provides you the best of Financial Accounting Management Solution to simplify the intricacies in the process of managing cash-in and cash-outs