Integrate complex property lease details with sophisticated billing and accounting functionality.

The success of today’s commercial real estate organizations depends on accurate data that provides deep visibility into past and future performance, and enhances decision-making on an ongoing basis. Managing multiple buildings and investments is a cumbersome task and a challenge for property management firms. SIBS Property Management System provides versatile solutions that adapt to your multi-entity organizations’ business structure even if you are managing both retail and office space.

We help you centralize your diversified operations into one database while still providing segmented performance reports on each investment. SIBS PMS provides tight integration with Finance and other Core/ niche modules that gives you complete control of your property development projects, allowing for improved cost control and higher profitability and thereby brings you a true end-to-end property management solution.

Property Management

  • Manage all aspects of your tenant and landlord lease requirements with our robust reporting and accounting functionalities.
  • Easily manage lease creation and maintenance, complex escalations, CAM reconciliations, pro-rated, sales-based rent or metered charges.
  • Easily escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPIs), percentages, fixed amounts, or other rate drivers such as cost per square foot.
  • Budget, by mall or specific type of property.

Multi-Entity Management

  • Allows for multiple properties and holding companies to operate from one centralized database
  • Single Master File Records such as items and vendors
  • Centralized purchasing and receiving
  • Fully automated audit trail for intercompany processing.
  • Centralized reporting to get an accurate view of your corporate performance across all properties/companies in your organization.

Other Advanced Services

  • Details of all tenants like ID proof, Place of work, family details, monthly rental details, amenities along with other terms and conditions agreed upon is maintained
  • Regular intimations through SMS and E-mail for delayed payments, pending bills etc.
  • Rent outstanding reports, Total Monthly/Yearly/Tenant-wise rent collections, Rental property maintenance reports etc. are generated at pre-decided intervals.
  • Creates automated schedules as revenue or expense transactions are posted
  • Generates complete Audit Trail reports for financial and audit purposes.
  • Significantly reduces document delivery times through batch-delivering key documents to tenants, vendors and employees.
  • Reduces the usage of paper-based documents and contributes to corporate ‘green’ goals.